when to forgive

Today someone asked me when do we stop forgiving when is it enough that you start to say im done I am going in pure hate.
But if you forgive someone you hate because they did the unspeakable, it doesn’t mean that you are admitting to them and saying they are right.
it just says that you will no longer let them control your life.
people see forgiveness as a weakness but forgiving makes you the stronger person.
And I admit there are a lot of things in my life that is hard to forgive and let go but I’m not letting it controlee my life anymore. So what the real question is when do we stop letting the people that hurt us controlee our lives.


The netherlands vs america.

Because this is my First blog and my First piece i decided i would first tell you about me.
I’m half dutch half hawian. I look almost 100% Dutch . I don’t have that sun kissed skin and the round face , what I do have is the hawian nose and eyes but that’s about it.
I was 3 years old when I moved to America just stared to learn how to talk Dutch.
So we could start again and I was to learn English I can’t really remember that part anymore.
What I do remember is sleeping in the only finished room in the house my parents bought with my brothers , its silly how you remember those little things in life.
When things got though we moved back to the Netherlands. We moved about 8 times in America and in Holland.
So again I had to learn how to spell speak and write.
When we moved here I could remember al the beautiful things the fashion was a lot more up-to-date here. And I became a fashion hollic I loved everything about Holland maybe because my mom was also so happy here and everything felt good.. School was really a struggle a little kid that can’t even speak with the other kids around her. But that didn’t stop me I was 9 years old had my own style and rocking it!
If I think back I love America and I still can compress myself so much better in English than I will ever do in Dutch. But the fashion the cities here in Holland are so beautify.
My brothers went back to America, and maybe I will too some day but for now I am staying right here
Because of al the learning and starting over again and again the schoolwork and home work where really hard , but I found even though spelling and talking is hard I can allways get my story right on paper.