The netherlands vs america.

Because this is my First blog and my First piece i decided i would first tell you about me.
I’m half dutch half hawian. I look almost 100% Dutch . I don’t have that sun kissed skin and the round face , what I do have is the hawian nose and eyes but that’s about it.
I was 3 years old when I moved to America just stared to learn how to talk Dutch.
So we could start again and I was to learn English I can’t really remember that part anymore.
What I do remember is sleeping in the only finished room in the house my parents bought with my brothers , its silly how you remember those little things in life.
When things got though we moved back to the Netherlands. We moved about 8 times in America and in Holland.
So again I had to learn how to spell speak and write.
When we moved here I could remember al the beautiful things the fashion was a lot more up-to-date here. And I became a fashion hollic I loved everything about Holland maybe because my mom was also so happy here and everything felt good.. School was really a struggle a little kid that can’t even speak with the other kids around her. But that didn’t stop me I was 9 years old had my own style and rocking it!
If I think back I love America and I still can compress myself so much better in English than I will ever do in Dutch. But the fashion the cities here in Holland are so beautify.
My brothers went back to America, and maybe I will too some day but for now I am staying right here
Because of al the learning and starting over again and again the schoolwork and home work where really hard , but I found even though spelling and talking is hard I can allways get my story right on paper.


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